How Does Nature Cure Compare to Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine?

Naturopathy did not start in 1895 when the word "Naturopathy" was dreamed up. Nature Cure, its older name has no particular starting date – neither in the times of Hippocrates nor any other.

Certainly Hippocrates is the best we have as a "Founder" of Naturopathy and his Precept "First do no harm" is a powerful reminder to all that need one to respect the natural healing processes of the body.

All cultures have their own healing traditions and history, the net effect of which is that nowadays there are 3 major forms of Naturopathy.

Naturopathy also called Nature Cure a modern expression of natural healing traditions in Europe and America based on the sciences of physiology – the workings of the body and ecology, the workings of the entire ecosphere of which we are a tiny part.

In India and surrounding countries healing traditions produced Ayurveda and similar healing systems of Unani, Tibb and Tibetan Medicine. Ayurveda has a way to classify body types and energies and foods and even yoga exercises that can be very helpful.

And In China and neighbouring countries Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Oriental Medicine flourished with a vast repertory of remedies and a model of the body incorporating Meridians and several meridian therapies.

Of course other parts of the world have their own approaches but these are the flavours of Naturopathy that have reached global awareness.

Neither is better than any other although each of us will be drawn to one of them!

I am most drawn to what I sometimes call Western Naturopathy. I like the scientific base – Naturopathy has been called, "Applied Physiology" and I deeply resonate with Hippocrates guidelines for naturopathic practise.

I started practising Yoga 20 years before I formally started training in health care but its attitudes shaped my approach to Naturopathy and explain differences between my views and those of other naturopaths!

And when I trained in Kinesiology I formed a deep appreciation for the meridian system.

Each of these 3 flavours of Nature Cure has particular strengths and I treasure them all.

But it's like doing a Degree programme – you must have a major and that can be supplemented with other studies.

In my case the scientific background provided by my initial training in Physics inclines me to Western Naturopathy and my Yoga practise, now of nearly 50 years, helps me appreciate aspects of Ayurveda and training in Kinesiology gave me access to meridian therapies and was even my introduction to EFT, FasterEFT and SET.