What is Nature Cure?

Nature Cure or Naturopathy is a way of promoting health and healing using natural methods of care and cure such as diet, nutrition, herbs and other supportive and gentle strategies.

It is the way that health has been supported all round the world and has a history of use going back to Hippocrates and beyond.

The central part of nature cure is the observation that the body has built in systems of healing. And if we cut or bruise ourselves in a fall or scald ourselves while cooking we know that the wound will heal.

This self-healing is the basis of Nature Cure and since we know that the body can and does heal itself our part in our healing is simply not to get in the way and to help the body processes of mending and repairing the damage of a bruise or cut if we can.

The same processes of self-healing are taking place all the time whether we are asleep or awake. The body is mobilising its resources and fighting harmful bacteria and destroying cancer cells and dealing with allergens and toxins.

Nature Cure care is given in such a way that the natural body processes or repair and healing are assisted and not interfered with.

A Naturopath may advise an extra dose of vitamin C if there is a need for greater anti-oxidant activity due to an allergy outbreak in Hay fever season or perhaps due to an injury from which the body needs extra nutrients to make extra tissue to repair a fracture or wound.

We may use a Castor Oil pack if we wish to assist drainage from a joint or from any inflamed part of the body.

Using Nature cure is like asking the body “What do you need? How can I help?” and the reply may simply be that rest is the main need, perhaps with a light easily digested food.

Energetic intervention even with “Natural remedies” may not be needed. Rather patience is needed and respect for the healing process.

Remember, “Only Nature heals”