Vitamin C My Recommendations

Vitamin C was the first vitamin that really made an impact on me as I started to study Nutrition. All of us beginners were taking what we thought of at the time was a good selection of vitamins and minerals and along with that was a vitamin C tablet.


I don't remember how much vitamin C that came to but probably around 500 mg. Now this is much higher than governmental recommendations so we had some good "Health Insurance" there and O boy we were smug about it.


But as I mixed with other Nutrition students further along in their studies I noticed that the longer in the course they were the more vitamin C they were taking.


Not 500 mg but 5000 mg – 5 grams!

How much vitamin C should we be taking?


Well like the answer to all questions – it depends who you ask. So who is the expert then on vitamin C? The obvious answer is Linus Pauling – Doctor, Professor and 2 time Nobel Prize Winner.


Pauling had a lousy diet. He was a typical research devoted Professor and eat what other academics ate, junk, in other words.


But his generous supplementation of up to 19 grams of vitamin C a day protected him from the weakness of his diet.


Now I am not recommending you eat poorly and take supplements to bail you out. Rather follow a Mediterranean diet and take a moderate amount of vitamin C daily.


What is a moderate dose of Vitamin C?


I'd say around 3 to 6 grams a day and if you can find it I recommend a balanced formulation of ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate and sodium ascorbate.

Good product for vitamin c

And if you can't find this balanced version just take a few grams a day and don't make a fuss of not taking the best!!

Looking on Amazon the best vitamin C supplement I have found so far is the Source Naturals product

This is recommended because it has a mix of types of vitmain C. But, as I said just get a stupid simple bottle of ascorbic acid tablets and take a couple if you can't get this one!