Mineral Baths in Nature Cure

Mineral baths have been enjoyed at healing centres often next to natural springs for thousands of years. The clue to their effectiveness is often in the name – the minerals.

If I mention that one of the old healing centres in the UK is called Bath – you'd expect there to be warm healing waters there and you'd be right. Seems that the first time that these baths were used was in 836 BC

There are many geothermal springs around the world and they are often mineral rich waters there too.

Why Take The Waters At A Healing Centre?

First of all I am only discussing bathing in mineral waters not drinking them. Often the mineral content is so strong that you'll vomit if you drank it. Also the water may not be pure enough to be of drinking water quality.

If we look at the waters at Epsom which is a small town south of London we see this happening. Locals noticed a small spring which was being avoided by animals.

This should have warned them against drinking it but no…

Many episodes of vomiting and rapid sprints to local bushed followed and it became a craze and even a fashion to visit and as they called it, "Take the waters".

Nowadays Epsom Salts are known worldwide and we bathe in them and do not drink them (ever).

It is true that if people have constipation and then if they were unwise enough to drink Epsom salts water the constipation would be…ended at least temporarily but please don't do this. Constipation is a call from your body to eat more fruit and vegetables and to increase your vitamin C intake!

Enjoy all the benefits of Epsom salts by putting a cup full in a bath and soak in comfortable warm water for up to 20 minutes.

Don't put any soap or bubbles or anything else in the water at this time – just allow the heat of the water and the magnesium and sulphur from the Salts relax you soak into your skin and help detox in a very gentle way.

You can enjoy an Epsom salts bath daily if you like or only as a weekly or monthly aspect of your personal care routine.

Often people choose to add some bicarbonate of soda to the water as well. Bicarb is a mild disinfectant and it works well with Epsom salts to assist a mild detox.

With a bath or Epsom salts and Sodium bicarb toy can enjoy the benefits of a healing spa in your own home. A cup of Epsom Salts and a quarter of a cup of bicarb does the trick for most people. You don't want so much in the bath that you get lots of "powder" in the bath.

What If You Only Have A Shower In Your Home?

No worries  – you can rig up a footbath using a bowl or whatever some to hand. You can also sprinkle Epsom salts and sodium bicarb on a washcloth and apply it to any part of the body.